Vintage 2014

Vintage 2014: a stressful year when the winegrower’s skill was pivotal to success

The year kicked off with an unusually mild, dry winter, followed by a continued shortfall in rainfall during the spring. These were harbingers of an early vintage. However, summer took a long time in coming, with cool temperatures and some rain slowing the ripening process.

At long last, mid-August saw the arrival of hot, summery weather which lasted through to the end of the month and into mid-September.

Rainfall of 30mm on August 10 combined with heat promoted excellent berry ripening with extremely promising balance in the fruit.

Grape picking began in glorious sunshine on September 9 with the first white varietals. We made the most of the summery weather by harvesting most of our crop before the first floods on September 17.

By then, all our white grapes had been picked as well as the early-ripening plots of Syrah and a large chunk of the Grenache vineyards.

Meticulous vineyard management and extensive knowledge of each plot combined with judicious use of technology and human input allowed us to harvest the final vineyard sites in good conditions.


The whites show beautiful aromatic intensity with freshness and minerality.

The rosés are expressive and the reds fruity and fresh.

Despite the challenges this year – extreme fatigue, doubt and stress – the portents are good for the 2014 vintage, which promises to provide many enjoyable moments to share with friends and family.